1. METASYS® Building Management Software

Metasys® is the world’s leading building automation system. The purpose of this system is to integrate distinct devices and systems within a facility, making them visible within the centralized system and reliably transferring data at high speed. This saves energy, lowers operational costs and creates productive and secure environments.

The latest version of METASYS® technology operates on a new user-interface that provides enterprise-wide connectivity, data acquisition, remote monitoring and reporting on a previously unapproachable scale. Users can easily navigate real-time views of a single floor, room or office and the equipment that controls it. Users can quickly filter data to see information that is important to them and since it’s mobile-optimized, management of building operations can be done from a variety of different devices.

METASYS® integrates heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, fire and power management with the building enterprise. Such capabilities empowers the user to make further informed decisions affecting the operational cost-effectiveness, productivity and building functionality.

Integrating the diverse systems within a building is an essential element of energy efficiency and increased productivity. The METASYS® building management software is a complete package with a number of features that are designed to make systems integration simple. We offer custom systems integration solutions to ensure compatibility through every one of the building subsystems.

  1. Heating , Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

Due to problems that result in plant productivity and excessive energy consumption, it is important to ensure that the facility is operating in the most efficient manner at all times. For this reason, we offer planned service agreements for a building automation system.

Our service and maintenance options offer our clients support and assurance that the integrity of their equipment are maintained ensuring the field controls for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration are efficiently operated. We offer planned unique service options to meet the specific requirements of a facility.

  1. Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Control Installation

We install complete families of application specific control solutions for HVAC systems within a building from the Johnson Controls METASYS® building automation system.

Please refer to our various controlled automation products that we install:

  1. Field Equipment Controllers for METASYS®


The METASYS® Field Equipment Controllers (FECs) & (FACs) are a complete family of BACnet-compatible field controllers and accessories created with the flexibility to meet your HVAC and Building Services control applications.

Built on the ASHRAE standard for building automation system control and communication, these controllers support Johnson Controls’ commitment to open standards and greater control options for your building.  

Field equipment controllers form an essential part in the efficiency of your building energy management. Other benefits include the collection of data and the ability to remotely control your subsystems.

METASYS® FECs are designed for optimal efficiency and improved performance, with competitive features including:

  • Standard BACnet® objects enabling open system strategy at all levels
  • Continuous Tuning Adaptive Control
  • Advanced diagnostics for failure detection, resolution and prevention
  • Flexible and scalable to meet a variety of applications
  • Standard packaging and terminations to simplify installation
  • Application-specific programs designed to decrease engineering time 
  • 32-Bit Microprocessors
  • One Piece Design


  1. Network Automation Engines (NAE)

The Network Automation Engines (NAE) offer web-based network technology to the METASYS® building management system and provide a scalable family of solutions from the smallest system to an enterprise network.

The NAE(s) seamlessly integrates BACnet®, LONWORKS®, and N2 to manage control functions and integrates them with overall building management. Users are then empowered to monitor and manage all building systems such as HVAC equipment, lighting, security and fire control systems. The system can either be used as a single engine or as a network of multiple devices. The NAE offer the following benefits: alarm and event management, trending, energy management, data exchange, archiving, scheduling and communication.

The NAE55 Series supports a comprehensive set of supervisory features and functions for large facilities and technically advanced buildings and complexes. The NAE45 and NAE35 Series extends the power of the NAE to the smaller building and enables the wider distribution of supervisory functions in larger facilities. Truly scalable, users can increase the size and number of NAEs over time as their building requirements evolve.


  1. Network Control Engine

The METASYS® Network Control Engine (NCE) combines an IP based supervisory controller with an adaptive, self tuning DDC controller. It communicates by using familiar IT standards at the automation and enterprise level and offers a web-based user interface and expansion capability for BACnet, LonWorks or N2 Open devices. A user may install the NCE on their existing IT infrastructure, using standard communication services for reliable performance that provides the ability to access, monitor and control the NCE from a supported web browser. With its expandable I/O point capacity, you can connect multiple Input/Output Modules, network sensors and variable speed drives to the NCE for greater control flexibility and a consolidated network.

A NCE serves as the ideal solution for controlling and monitoring of critical building systems such as laboratories and central plants.

  1. Network Integration Engine (NIE)

Network Integration Engines (NIEx9s) are designed for third-party integrations that enable IP connectivity and web-based access to Metasys® Building Management Systems (BMS).

NIEx9s leverage standard building management communication technologies, including BACnet® protocol; LONWORKS® protocol; N2 Bus protocol; Modbus®, M-Bus (EN 1434-3), and KNX protocols; and third-party proprietary protocols to monitor and supervise a wide variety of HVAC, lighting, security, fire, electrical and thermal measuring and access control equipment.